Kyle Rittenhouse: The product of a violent, vigilantist culture

There’s a sickness infecting our land. It’s spreading like wildfire and causing death and heartache in its wake.

No, it’s not the latest variant of coronavirus. It’s a toxic culture of violent vigilantism, spread by the conservative extremist Republican Party.

As Republican officials from across Texas and America praise the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, they reveal their horrifying vision of what a Republican future looks like.

A future where armed, self-appointed “patriots” replace trained police…

Where anger and hate replaces reason and debate…

Where power rests with those who have the most bullets, not those who win the most ballots.

No one can possibly believe that an under=aged boy should be in the middle of a tense demonstration, toting a high-powered rifle, and “defending” a stranger’s property.

That Republicans from across Texas and America are cheering, while two people are dead at the hands of child with a gun reveals just how sick, morally bankrupt and extreme the Republican Party and its culture of violent vigilantism is.

As Democrats we will continue to fight for law and order and equal justice under the law, and against the Republican vision of chaos and vigilantism.

If you agree that extremist Republican vigilantism has no place in civilized society, join us.  Together, we can advance our Democratic vision of a Texas and an America built on liberty, equality and democracy, and elect reasonable people who will govern rationally and sensibly.

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