Jason Isaac has been recognized as “one of 17 emerging Republican legislators nationwide” by a divisive group once affiliated with Newt Gingrich called GOPAC.

The New York Times decribed GOPAC as “the centerpiece of what became known as Newt Inc., an interlocking set of entities that came to include a think tank and a college course taught by Mr. Gingrich that was beamed around the country spreading his political gospel.” GOPAC has gained notoriety for it’s apparent skirting of campaign finance laws, including Texas’ own election laws. The scandals surrounding Gingrich and GOPAC would eventually lead to his downfall and resignation as speaker.

In recognizing Isaac as an emerging “leader”, GOPAC completely ignored the fact that on his first vote as State Representative, Isaac waffled and didn’t take a stand on selecting the speaker of the Republican dominated House; he simply voting “Present.”  That’s the kind of “leadership” GOPAC recognizes.

Here’s a look at some of the other Republican legislators honored by this group, you may recognize some of their achievments as Isaac’s own:

Barry Loudermilk – Georgia

Mike Bileca – Florida

  • Forced ultrasound bill
  • School vouchers
  • Voter ID bill, restricting the right to vote

Carole Murray – Colorado

  • Voter ID bill, restricting the right to vote
  • Cosponsored a bill repealing background checks for gun buyers
  • Voted against limiting interest rates of payday lenders, shown to target the militaryand low-income


As you can see, Isaac fits in with these other “emerging Republicans” and GOPAC to a Tee.

In the 2011 Legislature, Jason Isaac voted to:
  • Force Texas women to undergo unnecessary transvaginal sonograms
  • Pass the discriminatory voter ID bill that will disenfranchise thousands of Texans
  • Cut $5.4 billion from Texas schools, including over $21 million from schools in Hays County


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