Erin Zwiener, Candidate for Texas House District 45

Erin Zwiener, a 5th generation Texan, will meet with Johnson City area residents about her campaign for the Texas House. Zwiener, who lives in Driftwood, is a conservationist, children’s book author and educator—with service to community a cornerstone of her work. (She is also a three-time Jeopardy champion.) Her desire to serve in the Texas Legislature stems from conviction that our government should protect and serves all Texans.

Zwiener announced her candidacy in May and has traveled the district listening to the concerns of constituents. “Everywhere I go, I hear disappointment in our state legislature’s choice to focus on narrow and negative legislation that doesn’t address the problems of real Texans,” she says. “Texas must put aside divisive politics and move forward on the issues that matter to all Texans, like education and health care. It’s time to put the all back in y’all.”

Since returning to her home state of Texas after completing graduate level studies, Zwiener organized a Feb. 19 mock Town Hall meeting that sought an audience with U.S. District 25 Congressman Roger Williams.  Despite Williams’ refusal to attend, the standing-room only town hall gathering received broad media coverage.

“So many of the issues I’m passionate about should not be partisan. Access to the ballot box, fair representation, common sense campaign finance rules: These are the pillars of good government, and we need to fight for them. All Texans should have a voice in government,” she says.

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