From the Hays Co Democratic email newsletter

Dear Fellow Democrats:

Congratulations to the Democratic candidates who were re-elected & those who were elected for the first time — Michael Torres, Constable Pct 2, David L Peterson, Constable Pct 1, Maggie Hernandez Moreno, Justice of the Peace Pct 1 Pl 2, Jo Anne Prado, Justice of the Peace Pct 1 Pl 1, Debbie Gonzales Ingalsbe, Hays County Commissioner Pct 1, Judith Zaffirini, Texas Senate District 21 & Lloyd Doggett, Congressional District 35.  For those who did not prevail, we want to thank you for having the courage to run & we hope that you will help our party find ways to more effectively support our party’s candidates in the future.

The only way for temporary setbacks to become permanent is for folks to give-up and give-in.  There are those of us who are determined to push on & hold together the new volunteers we have met during the course of this campaign.  Continuing to build relationships in our precincts is an investment in a brighter future.  It is not just about strengthening our numbers for the next election.  It is about strengthening our neighborhoods by connecting people.  Stronger more interconnected neighborhoods will result in stronger communities.

We still have precincts that do not have precinct chairs.  Please see the website to see if you have one near you that could use help!



Hays County Democratic Party Headquarters Office Hours

Monday & Tuesday 1:00—3:00

125 N Guadalupe

San Marcos


The sign is still out in front.  If the CEC wants to maintain a presence on the San Marcos Square, there are at least a half handful of folks willing to sit the office a couple of hours on certain days of the week.  Let us know your thoughts on this.



Signs at 37 Election Day Polling Places: File this under “how things get done”.  We have all seen campaign signs at polling places during early voting & on Election Day, but who handles that?  Everyone knows that Les Carnes & Wayne Taylor are our reliable sign guys.  They assemble the small yard signs (3000 this year) & erect the 4 x 8s (100 this year) along the highway.  A day or two before Election Day, Wayne takes signs all over the county to various people (precinct chairs & others) who have accepted responsibility for seeing to it that signs are posted at all polling places just before voting begins & picked back up soon after the polls close.  This year this is who we have to thank for seeing this got done:

Wimberley: Les Carnes

Kyle: Judge Linda Rodriguez, David Snyder, Savanna McDonald

Buda: Donna Haschke, Robert & Mary Ann Gomez, Mark Boling

San Marcos: Betsy & Don Singleton, Nicholas Hoover, Charles Tabor, Marcos Hernandez, Robert Weaver & Bo Miller


To anyone who participated in this task who is not mentioned, apologies.  It is suspected there were others but their name might not have appeared on the list that was consulted.


Remeber 2018 Midterms are coming, and 2020 will be here before we know it!