Republican Shane Scott to resign JP nomination, seek City Council Seat; GOP’s hands tied: law doesn’t permit selection of a new candidate

An online article by San Marcos Daily Record reporter Tara Pohlmeyer says that ” (F)ormer San Marcos City Council member Shane Scott intends to resign his Republican nomination for Justice of the Peace, precinct 1, place 2  and has decided to run for city council.”


“Scott said while he appreciates the nomination, he feels he can serve the community better on the city council and wants to “get back in the fight.”

“People are not happy with the direction the city’s heading,” he said. “I love the city and my focus has been on the city the past five years.”

“Scott was first elected to the council in 2010 to fill a two-year vacancy, then was re-elected in 2012. He lost his place 6 position in 2015 to Melissa Derrick.

“The city is calling me,” he said. “I want the best thing for the community . . . I just really want to stay involved. Scott hopes to fill Jude Prather’s seat, place 2, in November.”

– 30 –

Maggie Hernandez Moreno is the Democratic nominee for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2. She is seeking the seat that had been held for 13 years by Judge Margie Hernandez, a Democrat, until her untimely passing in April 2015

In the November 2015 San Marcos City Council election, Melissa Derrick soundly defeated Scott by a margin of more than two to one, receiving 2,023 votes (67.21%) to Scott’s 987 votes (32.74%)

The Texas State Election Code does not permit the Republican party to replace candidate Scott with another nominee. So it looks like Ms. Moreno will have the field to herself. It’s worth pointing out, however, that until Scott has formally withdrawn from the JP race — which sources advise he has not — he remains a candidate.

Politics? Taking a summer break? Not hardly.

For a mid-July summer week, there are a lot of local activities. If you’re around and you’ve got the time, check one of them out.

And, if you can, please help Precinct Chairs Rose Brooks (113, San Marcos) and Savanna McDonald (125, Kyle) in their efforts to raise funds to get to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. That’s only two weeks from now. Rose, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has been appointed a member of the convention’s Permanent Credential Committee, and Savanna is a PLEO (Pledged, elected party official) delegate for Bernie Sanders.

And don’t forget: it’s almost time for the annual LBJ Birthday Bash and Fundraiser.

Here’s the scoop:

Savanna McDonald Convention Fundraiser

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Savanna McDonald is also going to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, where she’ll be working toward a progressive Democratic platform. She’s asking for your help with some of the expenses. You can donate directly by clicking on Savanna appreciates your help.

LBJ Birthday Bash & Fundraiser

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This is it. The big one. And with the fall’s election stakes being what they are, we’re expecting this year’s LBJ Birthday Bash & Fundraiser to draw one of the largest crowds ever. So mark your calendar now. We’ll be hearing from Congressman Lloyd Doggett – and other Democratic officials and candidates – as we kick off the critical last 10 weeks of the fall campaign in style. Admission is still free! Food is still potluck (and it’s still danged good)! Contributions are still gratefully appreciated! And fun, excitement, and getting energized for the big push are still the order of the day.